Terms and conditions

Tariff Includes

  1. Local travel

    Non A/c Cab or Bus to & from to a scheduled common pick up point.

  2. Food

    Includes breakfast and lunch.

    Only Vegetarian food will be served.

  3. Team building activities,

  4. Service tax

Tariff DOES NOT include

  1. Snacks, tea and water bottles

  2. Incidental expenses

    Other incidental expenses at destinations like cost of boating, rides, entry passes, camera pass, etc if any

Minimum Group Size

  1. The rates quoted is applicable only for a minimum group size of 30 travelers

  2. At any point in time, if the group size is less than six, Madurai Ecotourism reserve all rights to drop the trip

  3. The reimbursement will be in accordance with the cancellation policies below.

Booking time limit

  1. For weekend tours and treks in all other destinations, the trip should be confirmed (vide paymentof 50% advance), 7 days before the proposed travel days

Payment terms and conditions

  1. Advance Payment

    The intent of travel will be confirmed only upon receipt of advance payment (50% of the total trip cost); ticketing will be initiated only upon receipt of advance.

  2. Full Payment

    The trip will be deemed confirmed only upon receipt of full payment, failing which Madurai Ecotourism reserves all rights to cancel the trip; reimbursement will be in accordance with the cancellation policies.

  3. Payment modality

    Payment can be through cash deposit/ cash transfer to Madurai Ecotourism bank Bank Of India Ponmeni s.s. colony Madurai branch Ac. No: 826820110000311 IFSC Code: BKID0008268

Cancellation Policy

  1. For full/ part cancellation of trip order, a part of the total cost will be deducted towards cancellation charges, subject to the following.

  2. 72 hours before scheduled departure time, 20% of the cost will be deducted Between 72 hours and the before scheduled departure time, 50% of the cost will be deducted

  3. The balance payment will be made via Cheque or cash transfer Part cancellations, will be subject to the conditions with regard to minimum group size

Request for changes in travel plan

  1. Additional traveler(s)

    Request for additional travelers will also be entertained subject to booking time limit All other terms and conditions apply.

  2. Replacement/substitution of traveler(s)

    Any replacements in the personnel traveling, will be considered as part cancellation and additional booking

  3. Destination

    Any request for changes in destination will be treated as a cancellation and re-booking, if the revised destination is not within the same zone

  4. All other terms and conditions apply.


  1. All travelers must carry a valid original identity card (election id card, PAN card or driving license)

  2. Madurai Ecotourism is not responsible for the safety of any personal belongings of the traveler

  3. Madurai Ecotourism has a strict NO LIQUOR POLICY in its accommodation premises as well as during its tours and treks. SMOKING IS A STRICTLY BANNED inside the forests and in other public places (wherein smoking is banned by legislation). Consumption of alcoholic beverages during the trip and smoking inside forest and in public places would not be tolerated. Madurai Ecotourism reserves all rights to cancel the trip midway if the travellers are found to be violating these rules

  4. Travelers are requested not to switch on the sound system in the cars while inside forest and also not to wear any heavy perfumes

  5. Please do not leave any garbage in the places that we visit, other than in designated garbage dumping areas or waste collection facilities.